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The mission of The Hailey Bankhead Foundation, INC. is to serve, support and encourage a unique portion of the community which is affected by childhood cancer. The scope of our clientele is not just children with cancer but also their families, friends and community. Through the foundation we will be able to address and meet various needs of these individuals and groups, which are many times overlooked. Our motto is : “Together WE are fighting against childhood cancer.” Our staff, volunteers and team recognize the special needs and attention required from our clients.


“We have been in their shoes, so we can add extra love that others can not.” – Heather Bankhead, Founder/Director, The Hailey Bankhead Foundation, Inc.


Heather Bankhead


Sherry Washington


Kimberly Pope 


Dr. Angela Washington


Rochelle Hughes

“Together we are a voice for Childhood Cancer.”

–The Hailey Bankhead Foundation, Inc. Executive Board

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