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We're Celebrating 10 Years of Service

The Hailey Bankhead Foundation is an organization founded from one mother’s love for her child facing childhood cancer and a need to find a sense of purpose and a desire to ease the pain and to serve other families facing childhood cancers.


Dr. Katie Sutton, MDthank you for saying yes to being our keynote speaker. On behalf of all the solid tumor families we thank you for your dedication and commitment to childhood cancer.


HBF Media Features

THANK YOU to the Schneider Foundation for Blessing the Hailey Bankhead Foundation, INC AGAIN! Your grant is changing lives!!
Tavia Belton & Mychal



We need YOU!!

Updates on HBF

August 2023                HBF was nominated for 2023 Cancer Community Award by Scientific American                                             Custom Media   
September  2023        HBF was nominated non-profit of the year award by Rice Awards.
September 2023         HBF was awarded Schneider Foundation Grant.

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